Baked breakfast tacos to-go + salsa verde

Tacos. For breakfast. On the go. Well, it looks like my brain has finally decided to unionize and go off strike! After a month of high octane travel to Iceland, Sweden and Philly, wedding attending and planning, and my own wedding (woopwoop), I crashed a little after coming back to LA and pretty much slept, read, beached and went to Cross Fit.  Continue reading Baked breakfast tacos to-go + salsa verde

Grilled apricots + almond pistachio ricotta (vegan)

When I was younger I never ever dreamt about my wedding. To give you some background I never carried a blanky, but rather a pair of rubber pliers and a skeleton key. Yup, I was into my own thing and was always dreaming of secret, magical worlds to which I could travel and unlock my fantastical mind. I also use to dig mazes in a sandbox and take the mice that my cat caught and tried to make them run through it. I guess you could say I was not into the average girlie things. Maybe that was because my mom gave me a boy haircut and gave me all of my brother’s old clothes. I’m pretty sure I loved it.

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Skillet zucchini ribbon veggie pasta + herb vegan ricotta (vegan)

I have to admit, I am a spiralizer hater. Maybe it’s because it always leaves a nub or the fact that you have to twist so many damn times to yield little results. I’ve tried different brands and have gotten frustrated when I have tried to spiralize anything except zucchini, and even then I just started chopping because the noodles were not very noodle-y.  And then I went to dinner at a friend’s house and she made me zucchini pasta or “zoodles.” And it was goooooood. So I became determined to make them at home. Just without a spiralizer.  Continue reading Skillet zucchini ribbon veggie pasta + herb vegan ricotta (vegan)

Chocolate peanut butter donuts + salted PB glaze (vegan, GF)

“Mmmmmm donuts. Mmmmmmm chocolate. Mmmmmmm chocolate and peanut butter donuts. Mmmmmmm salted peanut butter glaze.” This was my thought process on making these donuts. I had done a chocolate peanut butter donut way back that got a crazy response on social media, but I never nailed down a recipe. In comes a month of weddings out of state and out of the country and in comes my crazy “need to use all of our food so it doesn’t go to waste” bakeathons and cookathons. I’m pretty sure I have made about 324 baked goods this past week. (And yes, I gave most of those away). But these donuts take the cake. Errr donuts? Continue reading Chocolate peanut butter donuts + salted PB glaze (vegan, GF)

Green veggie falafelwraptor

You’re an angel that has fallafen from the sky and I think I have fala’n in love. All the falafel puns, please!
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PB & J ice cream sandwiches (vegan)

It’s peanut butter jelly ice cream sandwich time! Summer is on like Donkey Kong. Pools are open, school is out, and it’s starting to get hot. These sandwich throwback ice cream sammies couldn’t be any easier. With just 5 ingredients (yes, I said 5) and less than 30 minutes you can be lying in your lawn chair with one of these treats in your hand and your feet in the kiddie pool.  Continue reading PB & J ice cream sandwiches (vegan)

Peanut butter caramel ribbon golden milkshake (vegan)

When I think of marriage I often think of food😛 And when we think of peanut butter food marriages we often think of chocolate, banana, and jelly. Peanut butter and turmeric hardly comes to mind. Then the other day I was making a stir-fry and threw in some peanut butter with the turmeric and really loved the bold, spice of the turmeric combined with the smooth and somewhat sweet flavor of the peanut butter. The gears began to turn. I started adding turmeric to my smoothies, especially when adding peanut butter. I loved the flavor combo. So now that we’re heading into summer months and we’re looking for drinks to cool us off instead of warm us up, I hooked you all up with this amazing peanut butter caramel turmeric milkshake drank. Continue reading Peanut butter caramel ribbon golden milkshake (vegan)

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